Triple Squeeze Pottery
By Chris Bronson
Meet the potter, Chris Bronson...
My art is guided by my upbringing in a home where craftsmanship and working with one's hands was encouraged and celebrated. Watching my father persevere in his wood shop despite his disabilities from polio instilled a sense of pride in my own creations. The name "Triple Squeeze Pottery" is a tribute to my father who when holding my hand always gave it three squeezes.

My clay journey began in 2010 as a student in a pottery studio where I learned the basics of clay and throwing on a pottery wheel. Clay has a way of taking hold of you and not letting go. There is always a new technique to learn and perfect.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind made either on a potter's wheel or by handbuilding from a rolled slab of clay.

As a collector of others' pottery, I love the beauty that a special mug or bowl brings to my morning, my day and my world.  While the trend shifts back to an appreciation for handmade over mass-produced items, it soothes my soul to be in my studio, elbow-deep in the mud.  I hope you feel the same when you use my pieces.  Live simply and be well.